I have been in the desert

I have been to the sea

I have been amongst the people


Saskia Boddeke and Peter Greenaway

Jewish Museum Berlin



Collection of photographs
by Igor Mandić

Portraits of hands


Exhibition of photographs


Instituto Cervantes
Spanish cultural centre Gallery

28.06.2016.- 13.09.2016. | Belgrade


Exhibition of photographs


“Kula na Gardošu” Gallery

12.- 26. April 2016. | Belgrade


Exhibition of photographs

Traces of my mother

“Gallery Bartselona”

3-15. September 2018. | Belgrade

Dimenzije – Dimensions

“3 lenses” – informal group of Art photographers
Tomislav Peternek, Goran Kukić and Igor Mandić

Dorćol Platz Gallery

11-21. April 2019.  | Belgrade
Collection of photographs
by Igor Mandić


Exhibition of photographs


“Kula na Gardošu” Gallery

12.- 21. May 2015. | Belgrade


Giovanna d’Arco

by Guiseppe Verdi
Directed by Saskia Boddeke
Photographs and 3D instalation for
scenography background projection
by Igor Mandić

Teatro Farnese

2,9,15 AND 20 OCTOBER 2016. | Parma, Italy

Multimedia exhibition

Kada je svet stao, one nisu

When the world has stopped, they didn’t


Audio recordings by Sandra Mandić
Photographs by Igor Mandić


Institut français de Serbie

The French Institute of Serbia

8-22. March 2021.  | Belgrade

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