Giovanna d’Arco

Opera by Giuseppe Verdi
Directed by Saskia Boddeke
Photographs and 3D instalation for
scenography background projection
by Igor Mandić

Teatro Farnese

2,9,15 AND 20 OCTOBER 2016. | Parma, Italy

From the website of Saskia Boddeke & Peter Greenaway Projects:

On October the 2nd, 2016, Giovanna d’Arco, by Guiseppe Verdi, premiered at the Farnese Theatre in Parma.
Saskia Boddeke, director and multimedia artist, always creates immersive experiences.

“Being at this beautiful old wooden theater is already like a total experience and we are aiming to enhance this atmosphere with video mapping and lasers. I’m interested in the strength of Giovanna, her determination in her relationship with her God. She is even willing to kill in his name. In our interpretation Giovanna realizes her mistakes, no one should be killed in obedience to a God. In wars the children are the first innocent victims. In our concept we embrace the refugee children who are wandering around Europe and connect them to Giovanna.”