Portraits of hands

Collection of photographs
by Igor Mandić
as a part of the project


by Saskia Boddeke and Peter Greenaway

Jewish Museum Berlin

22 May to 15 Nov 2015

Project OBEDIENCE is based on Biblical story of Abraham, who was asked by the God to sacrifice his son to prove his devotion. This story is present in all three monotheistic religions and accent is always on main “actor” Abraham, but what about his son? What about the God? Always neglected perspective of the victim of this story and whimsical request by the God?

Obedience is analyzing all 3 of these characters through the 15 rooms.

Central room of the project is God’s room. It is created to be sort of “Heaven”. Walls are covered by the white feathers; floor is thick white carpet in which feet are sinking when you step on it.

God’s room was setup for my photo collection “Portraits of hands”.

These photographs are representing the “Hands of God”.

There was 10 black and white “Fine art baryta” prints, 80 x 80 cm, mounted much higher than it is usual and comfortable for photo exhibition.

Photographs are showing hands of variety of people – races, religions, nationalities, professions, ages… They are abstracted representation of humanity since I believe that God is Human.

Hands in the photographs are in position which is characteristic for both prayer and passivity, which in my view depicts God’s relation to the human kind.

Photograph “Producer” from this series is now part of the permanent collection of Jewish Museum Berlin.

Photograph “Single mother” is in private art collection of Saskia Boddeke / Peter Greenaway.

Rest of the original prints from the exhibition was destroyed in the flood.